Painting a metal roof

Metal roofs are some of the most durable roofs on the market. But with all these, they still need some regular maintenance and care. An important aspect is that they need to be cleaned regularly.

You can also make the metal roof more energy efficient and also protect it. Sealing and painting the metal roof will ensure a longer life and if you will paint it white it will also reflect the Sun’s heat easier.

You will need a few tools and materials:

  • A broom with a long handle
  • Outdoor work clothing
  • Wire brush with a long handle
  • Roller paint brush long handled
  • Extension pole
  • Roof patching sealant and aluminum sealant
  • Spray applicator, if desired


First of all you will need to buy enough sealant for your roof. Measure the area of your roof and then calculate the right amount of sealant. After this you will need to clean and wash the roof. While you do this, also check for damaged areas and make the right repairs. You may also need to seal some cracks or spots that have been patched in the past. You can use a spray applicator or the paint roller to apply the coat of sealant.

Now wait for those areas to dry and also if you have washed the roof, wait for it to dry.

How to apply the first layer of elastomeric coating

You will need to use the same technique of applying the elastomeric coating as you did with the sealant, only that now you will need to spray it in even lines.

Elastomeric coatings are a kind of paint that contains polymeric materials like acrylic and titanium dioxide. These materials make the paint opaque and reflective. Elastomeric coatings are mainly used for steel roofs and are usually applied in thicker layers.

This kind of paint is also more energy efficient. It can reflect more heat than usual paints. It help you maintain a lower temperature in the summer days. They are also great at solving roof leaks.


Make sure that you did not miss any parts of the roof. If you did, then you will need to apply a coating over those areas. Elastomeric coating can be applied in one day.

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