Polycarbonate panel accessories

Polycarbonate panels are the best substitute for glass or acrylic. They are used to make microscope lenses and bullet proof windows. They can be mounted on cars, in research labs, offices, etc.

Another great thing is that they are fully recyclable. These are only a few advantages. They are also solar and weather proof, meaning that they won;t change color because of the sun or get damaged by bad weather. Because they can be used for so many purposes, manufacturers also have developed many accessories.

Adhesive tapes

These tapes are used to seal the ends of the panels, especially the highest point of the panels. The best thing is that they come in many measurements. This is the aluminum adhesive tape. The self-adhesive vent tape also seals the ends of the panels, but not in the highest point. They are mainly used for gutter ends.

U shaped drips

They are used to close the ends of the polycarbonate panels. They are made in accordance with the aluminum and self-adhesive tapes as these are used before applying the U drips.


There are two types of screws. Wood-mate screws are used to attach panels to wood frames or panels. The second type is self-drilling screws. They are used with metal frames. In both cases, neoprene washers are used.

Neoprene washer

Their main purpose is to assure there is a tight seal between panels, making the closures waterproof.

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