Pros and cons of woven valley shingles

Woven valley shingles are situated on both sides of the roof valley and that extend over the valley, weaving together, overlapping courses alternately. The problem with the installation is that the shingle rows will need to be lined up correctly.

Advantages of woven valley shingles

This type of shingles are great for regions with high winds and also heavy rains.

The tabs interlock to shield the valley, making them very strong against the wind. Also they don’t allow water to infiltrate. They work better then open valley shingles and are also more attractive. As long as you have a water barrier under the shingles, they will withstand ice and snow formations without a problem.

Disadvantages of woven valley shingles

The installation process will take longer to finish. Both sides of the valley will need to be ran at the same time. These shingles are also difficult to repair. They also have the tendency to trap debris between them, making them prone to water damage. They are great for low slopes.

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