Rebuilding a barn roof

When you are rebuilding a roof, you will have the opportunity to also change the structure of the roof and make it look different. For example, maybe you want to create more roof space and you want to place the support beams higher up on the truss.

Barn roofs usually have an octagonal shape with 2 bottom sides that are less angled.

This allows more room for storage.

Building the trusses

You will need a few materials and tools:

  • Truss boards of choice – 2×6, 4×8 or beams
  • Air hammer with nails
  • Bracing material
  • Miter saw


Cut the first set of truss boards after you have measured the size of the roof. They need to be cut at a 67,5 degree angle. They will form a 22,5 degree angle over a 90 degree one.


Use a metal brace to attach the first 2 roof truss boards. Repeat this step for the following truss boards.

Forming the octagon

Now you will need to attach the two sides to create a typical half-octagon barn roof. Use a center brace to connect them together. You need to leave some space for a vertical brace. Now it’s time to decide how up to place the horizontal beams.

Horizontal beams

After the horizontal beams have been cut, attach them to the roof truss using a metal brace. To allow maximum headroom you will need to place the cross beam as high as possible.

Vertical beams

Measure and cut the vertical beam and then place them so they fit under the roof peak.

Additional trusses

Create as many roof trusses as you need. Trusses are usually spaced every 2 feet. If these trusses are thicker than you can place them every 3-4 feet.

Hanging the trusses

  1. Lift the first truss and hang it to the walls, fitting it in place with braces.
  2. Do the same with the second truss, and attach them together using a spacer. Attach the spacer to the truss using 2 inch nails.
  3. Repeat the steps above until the entire roof is placed.
  4. Now it’s time to attach the roof planks. After this cover it with tar paper and finally install the shingles.
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