Removing an old roof with a small budget

If you are living in a climate where you have brutal weather, then it’s more than probable that your roof can get damaged and will need some serious repairs. You should inspect your roof and see if there are any cracks, curled shingles, leaks, etc. You should do this especially if your roof is older than 15-20 years.

Sometimes if the roof is so damaged that it will need more than half of the area replaced, then you should think of rebuilding the roof. This should also be much cheaper on the long-term.

But removing the old roof is not an easy job. It can be done if you have the proper tools and materials, but you should pay great attention to the steps below.

Preparing yourself

First of all you will need to think about safety precautions. Getting on your roof involved getting on a ladder. Be sure that the ladder is properly fixed . Also if you are using scaffolding, make sure that the boards you will use are strong enough to support your weight. Wear only shoes with rubber sole and also work only with gloves. Protect yourself from the sun, by wearing a hat and sun glasses.

You will need a dumpster as there will be many debris ad you will need to put them somewhere. You can rent one from your local equipment rental company. You can also rent some safety harnesses and ropes. Protect your home’s windows and place some plywood sheets over them.

Removing the roof shingles

You will need a roofer’s shovel for this job. Slide it under the shingles with a strong motion. This shovel has a square front with teeth that can easily slide under the shingles. Pry up the roofing nails and shingles. Remove the shingles in rows. Remove all the remaining roofing nails.

Cleaning the roof

Pick up the remaining shingle pieces from your roof and around the house. Be careful as some shingles may still have nails in them. Also pick up the nails that have fallen on the ground. You can use a magnet for this job.

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