Repairing a leaky concrete tile roof

Though concrete tile roofs are maybe the most durable roofs out there, there are still some problems that can occur if the roof is hit by a large branch or by harsh weather. If some problems occur, follow the next steps and repair the leaky roof.

Some of the tools and materials that you will need are:

  • A-frame ladder
  • Two crowbars
  • Replacement tiles
  • Replacement flashing
  • Non slip shoes

Roof inspection

First of all you will need to examine the entire roof, and determine whether or not it’s the case of some repairs.

This will also show you how many concrete tiles will need to be replaced. A proper inspection needs to be made up on the roof, not from the ground. This way you won’t miss any tiles that are cracked.


Now you will need to get the correct number of the replacement tiles. To make sure that you ge the right type of tiles, take one that is damaged and go to your local improvement center. You will need some tools for the job and also some safety equipment, like special shoes.

Removing damaged tiles

Now get up the ladder and make your way to the leaky area of your roof. If you need to replace several tiles, then start from one end and work your way across. Carefully lift the tile and then slide the crowbar beneath it. Then you can lift the tile and slide it out of place.

Replacing the tiles

You will need to reverse the process that you used to remove the tiles. You should be able to see the holdings through the crossbars. Adjust them if necessary. Manipulate the tile into place. Avoid scratching any tiles. Do the same for the other tiles. If the flashings have been damaged too, then make sure to replace those too.

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