Ridge vs gable vents

Whenever you are constructing a roof, it’s important that the attic is well ventilated. You will have to choose between gable vents and ridge vents. There are a few things that can make you choose between the two.

Gable vents

Gable roofs are those kind of roofs that have a high pitch. They can be usually found in area with high humidity. They do not retain water, making them perfect for area with heavy snow and rain. Gable vents are meant to allow the air flow into the gable roof. They are usually located in the front of the gable roof.

Ridge vents

Ridge vents are quite different from gable vents. They are located on the peak of the gable roof and they are also smaller, hidden from sight. They also allow a great air flow to the attic.

Vents installation

Gable vents are usually installed because of their decorative qualities. It can take more time to install the gable vents, as you will need o fit them into the gable end of the roof. Because they sit on top of the roof, ridge vents are much easier to install. You just have to place them on top of the roof. They will run the entire length of the gable roof peak.

If you considered installing ridge vents and also gable vents, well you though wrong. If one of them is installed, the other needs to be sealed, or it will stop be effective. The heat will start escaping off the vent and you won’t save any money on energy.

Steep roofs

If the gable roof is to steep, then you may encounter some problems. A steep roof is usually best suited for gable vents. This is because gable vents come in many shapes and sizes and they can be trimmed to fit any place. Ridge vents will not provide enough ventilation.


The wind has an important role in the proper ventilation of the vents. If the wind works with them, then the gable vents will be effective. If the wind is changing its direction or it stops frequently, then the gable vents won’t work at all. Moisture will get trapped in your attic, causing mold and mildew growth. Ridge vents are not affected by wind changes.


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