Roof framing mistakes to avoid

Roof framing mistakes can cause accidents and require costly repairs. Also if there are certain problems found by the regulators, then you won’t get the pass code of the examination. It’s better that you avoid this type of mistakes.

Framing a gable roof

This roof is a two-faced one. The two face meet at the ridge of the roof that runs the length of the home. Gable studs are vertical pieces that are positioned between the top plate of the main frame and the ridge board.

Common roof mistakes

Here are some of the most common roof framing mistakes that should be avoided.

  • wrong nails: if the nails do not have the right size, then the consequences may be devastating. The nails will not handle the load and the structure will collapse.
  • line length: this is the length of the rafters after they are cut. Rafters should be cut in the shape of a parallelogram. The measurement need to be precise, otherwise the rafters will not fit properly.
  • bird’s mouth cut: this adjustment is meant to permit the rafters to fit snugly atop the top plate. The end that is nearest will create the eaves of the roof. The angle needs to be precisely cut.
  • determining pitch: the pitch is usually measured in fraction form, 6/12. This means that for each 12 inches roof run, the inclination is of 6 inches. This is also an important thing, as if the pitch is not right it can affect the structure of the roof.
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