Roof inspection

It is advisable that once a year every home owner should check the roof of its house to see any traces of wear and damage. Actually it’s best that you inspect your roof more than once a year. It’s better to make some minor repairs than replace a whole area of the roof.

Plus, the costs can be much more reduced than making a more complex repair.

Inspection time

The most important time for checking for roof damage is before the winter comes. This will help you make some repairs before the winter sets in. Repairs in the winter are much more hard to do, so try to avoid them.

Also check the roof after storms, and harsh weather. Wind is a powerful enemy and can destroy the shingles like they were leaves.

Assessing the roof damage

There are a few things you should first check. These specific things are quite important in the roof structure.

  • check the metal pieces in the roof that cover interruptions, in the dormers, chimneys and vent pipes. If they are torn apart, repair them immediately.
  • asphalt shingles are covered with some granules, that resemble fine gravel. When the shingles age, the granular surface comes out and leaves bare spots. If you see these granules in gutters and you find bare spots, then maybe it’s time to replace some of the shingles.
  • wood roofing is prone to rotting and warpage, so look for those signs. If one third of the roof area is affected by rot, then you should replace all of your roofing.
  • metal roofing can last up to 50 years if it is properly maintained. Look for rust and corrosion areas. These are signs of aging, and maybe it’s time to replace part of the roof.
  • slate, clay tiles and asbestos cement shingles have a lifetime warranty, but they can be damaged by icy conditions. Check for broken, chipped or missing pieces.
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