Roof removal costs

There are many factors that can influence the costs of a professional roof removal. The size of the roof is very important and also the permits required for the job. Here are the things that you will need to consider when you will be removing your roof.

Roof size

It is obvious that a larger roof will cost more than a smaller one. It also depends on the pitch of the roof. A high pitch roof will add to the costs. Also the number of pitches is important.


You can save some money by avoiding removing the roof in the winter months. Rainy weather, cold temperatures, ice and snow, all will increase the difficulty of removal and will add a lot to the final costs.

Roofing materials

It also depends on the type of material that the roof is made of. If it’s an older roof made from asbestos shingles, then the roofers will need some special permits. Only licensed professionals can remove roofing materials that contain asbestos. The costs of asbestos disposal will also add to the roof removal.

Replacement costs

You can save some money by using the same contractor to remove and replace the roof. They should be able to offer package pricing for the entire job. Check around and find the difference on pricing.

But these are just a few presumptions. To find out the real costs of removing the roof, you should call a contractor and have him estimate the costs.

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