Roof truss building tips

What is a roof truss? Well it’s a dual rafter and joists unit. It is much lighter than the regular roofing frame. Because they are easier to manage, more and more houses are made with trusses.

Large lumber for larger roofs

If you have a large house, then you will also need a large roof. This means that you will need to use larger dimensions lumber. If you house is larger than 2500 square feet, then you should have 2×6 roof trusses.

Metal connectors

Instead of using screws to connect the wood pieces, use flat, galvanized metal connectors. They are much more resistant.

Perpendicular supports

Add perpendicular 2×4 supports starting from the center of the roof. This will help distribute the weight load.

Installation distance

Roof trusses need to be installed on the roof at every 2 feet. Secure them with 3-inch screws and then connect them with a brace. Remove them when the sheathing stars.

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