Secure roof trusses

Roof trusses are pre-assembled trussed rafters. The structure is fixed with toothed steel plate connectors pressed on the wood mechanically. Any roof can be customized and then ordered to an assembly plant.

They will cut the wood at the specific measures and then deliver it ready for installation. Some of the disadvantages of using roof trusses is that they provide small spaces in the attic and also they need to be installed on top of flat ceilings.

Tools and materials

  • structural members
  • framing hammer
  • circular saw
  • steel plate connectors
  • nails, bolts
  • measuring square
  • plywood

Structural members

You will need to lay a pair of rafters in position on the ground. Full length joists are needed to span the entire width of the building. Now divide the bottom chords into thirds and mark it on the board. ?????You will need to measure from the 1/3 point on each side of the bottom chord up to the midpoint of each rafter. After his measure from the 1/3 point up to the peak connection. Now join the bottom chord and the top chord with diagonal braces. Cut the ends of the braces on an angle.


Tooth plate connectors can be hammered onto each of the connections so that they grip the end member of the joint. You can also use plywood gusset plates. Cut the plywood so that it covers at least a foot of each member. Glue the gusset plates in place, and also use some nails for a better fixation.

Installing the trusses

You may need some heavy lifting equipment for the trusses. You can assemble the trusses onto the walls’ top plates, like a single rafter. The nail needs to pass through the structural member.

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