Tin roof insulation tips

Tin roofs are very durable, lightweight and very cheap. The installation process is a little more complicated. You will need some proper insulation before you install the tin roof, in order to better protect your home against bad weather.

Roof insulation is measured in R-values. The higher the R-value the better the insulation is. This is the grade for the thermal resistance.

Foam insulation

Foam insulation is one of the most popular. The foam insulation can be applied directly to the roof. It’s very durable and rigid. You will save a lot of money with bills. Foam insulation can reach even inaccessible area of your roof, offering a complete insulation.

Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation is used for any type of roofing material. It can be bought in sheets or loose fibers mixed with adhesive. The sheets can be fixed directly on the inner side of the roof. The loose fibers are blown with the help of a special machine.

Cellulose fiber insulation

Cellulose fiber is also very popular amongst users. It’s also a little better than the fiberglass insulation. It can be found at a reasonable price. This type of insulation is treated with a flame-resistant solution making it perfectly safe for your home.

Plywood insulation

Tin roofs will send any noises from the outside directly in your home. They are very noisy if it rains outside. It can really annoying. But fortunately the roof can be insulated against noises. Use plywood as an underlayment for the tin sheets. The plywood will absorb much of the noise. Plywood is commonly used with metal roofing.

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