Tips and mistakes you should avoid when making concrete roof repairs

Concrete roofing is very susceptible to scaling, cracking, spalling, etc. and that’s why repairs are unavoidable. Regular maintenance and minor repairs will prolong the roof’s life and prevent any serious damage.

The main problem with concrete roof repairs is that it is very porous and it retains a lot of moisture. This will lead to corrosion and then to cracking and spalling. This will lead to water leaks. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent concrete roof problems and make repairs.

Waterproof concrete roof

What you can do to repair roof leaks is apply some sealant or waterproof cement on the affected places. To prevent further damage, fill the crack with caulking material.

But this is only a temporary fix. If you want to really solve the problem, then you need to avoid leaks to a significant extent. The best thing that you can do is waterproof the entire roof. First clean the roof by removing the debris and dust and by using a power washer. Larger cracks can be filled with mortar or cement and then covered with a good prime. After the prime and cement have dried, you can apply an elastomeric sealant to these cracks and damaged areas. You can apply a second coat of sealant after 24 hours.

Roof felt

If you have concrete tiles leak problems, then you can solve the problem by replacing the tiles. Replace those damaged tiles or reposition them if they are not fit snugly. If you want to repair the tiles, you can re-caulk them. But this is a tedious job and most of the time the problem isn’t solved. So the best choice you have is to replace them.

Leak source

The most common thing that users do is repair only the affected area of the roof, or the visible area. But sometimes the leak source isn’t where the most damaged has been done. So if you have leak problems, then extend the search and see if there are any more affected areas. Check the sides, the corners, drainage pipes. Faulty plumbing can very easy be the cause of a leak. Concrete is permeable and the collection of water can end up as a water leak.

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