Uses of polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels are pieces of plastic material that are very durable. It is shatter-proof and it can last for decades. They are also lightweight and are almost indestructible.

Polycarbonate panels have many uses, and here are a few of them.

Bullet proof panels

Because polycarbonate panels are stronger then glass and acrylic panels, they are used for bullet proof windows. They are ideal for security applications for cars, banks, offices, etc.

Roof covering

Polycarbonate panels are great for roofing because of their durability and also of their ultraviolet ray blockage properties. They are great for roof glazing, patio covers and carports.


Because they can withstand harsh weather environment, polycarbonate panels are used for covering advertising posters. Most billboards and posters use this material.


Another great property that these panels have is that they are great for soundproofing. They are also used in constructions, especially for office buildings, and commercial or residential buildings.


To enhance the security of your home, you can even use them to build fences.


Polycarbonate is also used for riot shields because of its indestructible nature. They are shatter-proof, making them great for Police use.


These panels are also great for plant covering. They allow enough light to go to the flowers and at the same time, keeps ultraviolet rays from getting through.


Polycarbonate panels are also great for protecting your house from ultraviolet rays and burglars. Ultraviolet rays can harm furniture and it’s recommended to have ultraviolet protection in your windows. To have both benefits, protection from UV and durability, you can use polycarbonate panels as windows.


Because banks need a lot of security, polycarbonate panels are great for bank enclosures. Also they are much cheaper to install then glass protection.

Swimming pools

As we said before, polycarbonate panels has a great degree of protection against ultraviolet rays. They are not used for swimming pools to protect it and the water, but for protecting the swimmers. They reduce the chances of sunburn and other problems from excessive exposure to the sun.

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