What mistakes to avoid on gambrel roof installation

Here are a few common and costly mistakes that you will need to avoid when installing a gambrel roof.

Wrong nails

The nails used for the structure need to have the needed length. They need to properly fix the joists together.

If the nails are shorter, they will fail to do this and they will make the structure unreliable.


The pitch is very important to drain the water off the roof. if the pitch is too low, it will not be effective and the water may cause damage to your house.


Besides the pitch, drainage is also important as it collect the water in gutters and then get’s rid of it. The water needs to be disposed away from your house to avoid any damage. It’s important that water doesn’t sit as it will cause roof damage.


Proper ventilation will ensure that the moisture level is low in your attic. It also reduces the temperature. This will help prevent mold and mildew growth.


Not adding insulation to your roof is a big mistake. Not only that it will protect your roof, but it will also reduce the energy costs. With the insulation properly installed, the heat transfer will be reduced, thus the heat will be retained in the winter, and cold air in the summer.

Professional installation

Installing a gambrel roof isn’t an easy job, so you shouldn’t do the job by yourself if you do not have any experience. This way you will avoid structural problems. Hiring a professional will ensure that no mistakes are made.


You will need to use enough trusses for the gambrel roof. To ensure that your roof is strong, you will need to install a truss every 16 inches.


You also need to treat the wood with special paints. You must use a waterproof coating.

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