Working with roof tar

Although constructing a roof is a job for an experienced person, applying a tar insulation on your roof is something anyone can do. Tar is still used to protect the roof against elements, especially water infiltration. Tar is usually used for flat roofs, especially because water doesn’t drain properly and the roof needs an extra protection.

Choosing the perfect time

In order to be effective, tar need to have a few days inn which to cure and set properly. It needs a few days with no rain or snow, just enough to let it dry. The temperature in which it is applied can be as low as 40 degrees F (4 degrees Celsius), but it will seal properly at 70 (21 Celsius). If the temperatures are very high, then the tar may drip and cause many problems. Choose a nice cool day, with no rain.

Purchasing tar

There are many types of tar available, so make sure you ask about more details. Measure your roof and buy enough tar to cover it fully. Buy a little more tar, just to make sure that you have enough.

Begin tarring

Planning is a very important step. Decide where to start. Always start from a corner and set you ladder in the opposite corner.

Tarring the roof

Use a roller and keep your tar bucket close to you. Use the roller to apply it. Use small amounts at once, with small and smooth strokes. Continue the step until you have fully covered the roof.

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