Build an outdoor sauna: walls and door

To enjoy the benefits of a sauna you’ll need to have good insulation and a good space for it.

Sauna wood

Many of the saunas use cedar wood because of it’s ability to stay cool and absorb the steam. It is mainly used for it’s resistance and aroma.

When buying wood, you need to be careful on the size of the planks. For the frame of the sauna you should use a more strong wood like birch or oak.

Outer walls

Before you construct the walls, you will need, of course, to build the floor. To do this you just need to nail four pieces of 2×4 oak or birch lumber and then nail some plank boards over them.

When building the walls, make sure that the frame of the sauna is strong enough. Be sure there are no cracks in the walls.


Place the insulation material between the planks that form the structure of the walls. The material need to cover every inch of the wood to ensure maximum insulation. This will prevent steam from escaping the room.

Interior walls

After the insulation, cover the material with cedar planks. Nail them to the wood studs. Also be careful to mark the spots where the studs are. You will need to know this when you install the benches.

Sauna door

The door needs to take all the space between the walls to ensure perfect insulation, but at the same time, it needs to open easily.

You can build it from pine wood, but to ensure that it retains all the heat and steam, you can build it a little thicker.

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