Building a sauna with a sauna kit

One of the easiest ways of constructing a sauna is to actually buy a pre-made sauna kit. This is a job that you can do it by yourself.

Sauna kit options

There are 3 types of sauna kits.

One provides you the plans of the sauna and a list of materials that you will need. You then buy all the materials and start cut them at the length specified. Another kind of kit provides all the materials and the plan, you just need to assemble them. The third type is a pre-made sauna. This means that the company from where you’ve bought the sauna will deliver the entire sauna to you. You just need to install it.

The last type is the more expensive as they come in many shapes and sizes.

The steps for pre-made saunas are really simple. You just need to assemble all the side and ceiling panels and the heating system. They can also be moved very easily as they can be disassembled. They require only a few hours of work.

Pre-cut sauna kits are the cheapest. They usually provide all the materials and plans, but the construction you need to do it by yourself. You can also customize the plan for an additional fee.

Sauna kit construction

Before assembling the kit you need to make a frame. This means installing the floor joist and insulation. Most of the sauna kits will provide the wall and ceiling panels, trim and base boards, the heater, a pre-hung door, benches, the threshold and casing, and any accessories.

To build a sauna from plans, you will need a full array of tools, including a hammer, saw, pliers, circular saw, 24-inch level, sanding block, trimming knife, screwdriver, stapler, chisel, nail punch,measuring tape, pliers, circular saw and electric drill.

Before beginning the installation, you need to talk to the authorities and see if you need a special permit, and also that you need to call an electrician and your gas company to do the heating.

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