Building an infrared sauna

The installation isn’t hard and it can be done with some basic carpentry skills. The advantage is that building an infrared sauna comes cheaper that a pre-built one. If you think you’re not good for the job, you can always hire a local handyman.

Important tips

  • decide where you’ll be mounting the sauna, and the interior details, like ventilation and bench. Also, a large infrared sauna will need a 240v power supply.
  • choosing the wood can be a little tricky because you need to buy unfinished wood and a type that does not crack if it gets dry. Why should you buy unfinished wood? Because of heat vapors from paint, stain and varnish can become very toxic.
  • the doors of this type of sauna does not need to be insulated. If you wanna install windows, they should be made from tempered glass.
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