Building an outdoor sauna: preparation and foundation

The first thing you should do, whether you’re building a garage, a small office or just an outdoor sauna, you should build a strong foundation. If it’s not done the right way, the weight of the building can cause movement of the foundation, thus causing enough stress to the pipes to make them break.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Portland cement
  • Crushed stone
  • Sand
  • Water
  • A gas powered compactor
  • (2) Stakes
  • (2) 2x4s
  • Garden Rake
  • Mesh

Mixing the concrete

The concrete slab should be of at least 3″ high.

If you want to put the sauna on a wood foundation, then it’s best to talk with a structural engineer. The concrete should be made from Portland cement, sand and crushed stone, and of course water. You should know that it’s ready when the mix has the texture of peanut butter.

Preparing the site

It is necessary that you prepare the soil before construction. Dig a few inches (6 to 12) in the soil where the structure will be built and replace it with some crashed stone. This is intended to take out all the active soil. This prevents hazards because of freezing or water.

Compacting the stone

It is very important to compact the stone before laying the concrete. This will prevent any future cracks.

Build concrete forms

Determine the circumference of the slab. This will let you know how much concrete you will need. Spread a gravel layer where you’re going to pour the concrete. Place the 2x4s around the slab location, and pound in the stakes on the 2x4s’ sides with a hammer.

Laying the concrete

Pour the concrete into the form, and spread it to the corners. After a few days remove the forms and then let the concrete dry completely.

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