Building sauna benches

It’s always economical to just try and build your own sauna benches, then just buy them. Usually, sauna benches are tiered, thus allowing you to choose how high you want to stay.

If you have the right tools and the right materials, then you should be up for the job.

Because their home-made, these benches will feet like a glove in your sauna, not like those from the shops.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • 1×4 and 2×4-inch cedar wood timber planks
  • Corrosion Resistant Nails and Screws
  • Hammer or Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Spirit-level


It’s very important to plan the construction. First of all you need to do some measurements and then make a plan of the sauna on paper. This make it easier for you to sketch up a bench. Usually, every sauna has two tiers of benches. You need to know that with every inch, the temperature can increase with one degree.

Concerning the design, they need to be simple. They need to be wide enough for the body and have gaps to prevent any wood warping.


After you have you plan on paper, you can start the construction. First of all, you need to make a frame from 2×4- inch cedar wood and then make the seat from 1×4 planks of wood. Think if you need to make is more strong.

You will need to use some corrosion resistant fixing because anything will rust in the high humidity of the sauna. Also add plenty of cross-members to make the bench more stable.

Finishing touches

For fixing the benches together, use some blind screwing techniques. If this isn’t possible, sing the screw heads deep in the wood, and then use some filling clay to make sure that water doesn’t affect the metal.

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