Choosing sauna wood

If you’re considering building a sauna, the wood may be the most important thing that you’ll need to choose. Each type of wood has its own properties and you should consider every one of them. Here are the types of wood available.

  • spruce – this is one of the most popular wood types for saunas.It doesn’t conduct heat and it doesn’t leak resin. It is one of the most sturdy types of wood.
  • pine – pine is also very popular in sauna building. Under high temperatures is will give off resin, but it will look great over time. It turns to a golden color. You should find knot free wood for the job.
  • cedar – this type of wood has a reddish color and it gives a special, pleasant aroma.


Never buy wood that has been stained or painted, because the high temperatures will cause toxins to come off the wood. Also the chosen wood needs not to conduct heat very well.

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