Indoor vs outdoor hot tub

If you want to decide between an indoor hot tub and an outdoor one, then you should make your decision based on the pros and cons of each one of them. Either of the two represents an important investment and you should be aware of the costs involved.

Indoor hot tub


  • privacy.
    If you choose an indoor hot tub, then you won’t have any problems with privacy.
  • heat. Because you have a closed space, the steam resulted from the hot tub will make the place act like a sauna, not to mention that it will warm the adjacent rooms.
  • all weather. You can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub on any weather, without exposing yourself to the elements.


  • ventilation. An indoor hot tub needs to have a good ventilation system, to get rid of the excess moisture. Otherwise you will have mold and mildew problems.
  • space. If you choose to have an indoor hot tub, then you will also need to have a large room, otherwise the installation won’t be possible.
  • costs. The costs may be higher for the indoor hot tub because of the extra costs for the ventilation system, the piping, etc.

Outdoor hot tub


  • space. For an outdoor hot tub, you won’t need to build a separate room if you do not have the space in your house. It doesn’t matter what size your yard is as you will surely be able to install a tub.
  • costs. Because no ventilation is required, and the soil is much easier to dig then the cement in your house is to handle, the costs will be reduced considerably.
  • the great outdoors. You can enjoy the fresh air and also the warm water of the hot tub. If you install a roof over the tub, and plant some vine plants, then most of the free spaces will be covered. This will block the bad weather, and will let you relax.


  • privacy. Unless you build an enclosing around the tub, then you will have some privacy problems.
  • maintenance. Because it’s installed outdoor, the hot tub will need more maintenance. You will need to remove leaves, twigs, bugs, and other debris from the hot tub.
  • extreme weather. You can enjoy the hot tub in a rainy day, and even if it’s snowing, but on extreme temperatures and weather conditions you won’t be able to use it.

Weigh the pros and cons of each of the tubs and then choose the one that suits your needs.

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