Advantages of copper roofs

Copper roofs are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. But many do not know the advantages of copper roofs. Here are a few things you should know about them.

Copper roof patination

In time, copper oxides and produces a coating named patina. This will happen the first few years of roof installation, and it continues to develop through the life span of the copper roof. It will give it a green shade. This layer of patina is very resistant to corrosion and will protect the copper roof even better.

Copper roof energy efficiency

Copper roofs have great insulation properties. It will keep a lower temperature in the summer months, reducing the energy used with air conditioners.

Snow pile-ups

Snow loads will just slide off the roof. This prevents snow from endangering the roof structure. But even if it would happen, the roof will resist any load. This makes it perfect for low pitched roofs.

Fire resistance

Copper is very resistant to fire. It actually extinguishes embers, sparks or other burning materials. This is great because it will protect you from accidental fires.

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