Beverage freezers

The first thing that you will need to do before you buy the freezer is to check the price and also the features available for you. Under-counter freezers are great as bar additions and for entertainment rooms.

Under-counter freezers come in many sizes, but most of them are as big as a dishwasher.

They can fit virtually anywhere in your room. Check the height to the counter-top and see if the freezer will fit under it. Most of the times they have the standard measures of kitchen cabinets.

Front ventilation

Because the freezer is fitted in a confined area, it needs to be front ventilated. Unlike other freezers that have rear ventilation, under-counter freezers are covered from all parts, except the front. Unless the unit has front ventilation, it can represent a fire hazard.

Free-standing freezer

Most under-counter freezers can serve as a free-standing one. They can be fitted in areas where a normal freezer wouldn’t fit. All the freezer needs to have is enough power to cool the drinks and food.

Other tips

When buying an under-counter freezer you should also think of the style and finish. It need to blend in with your kitchen’s design. Search on the internet for particular designs.

Also consider the power source. See if you have one near the freezer, otherwise you will need to install a power outlet. If you aren’t good with electric lines, ask a friend or a professional to handle it for you.

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