Building a PVC greenhouse

A PVC greenhouse, like any other greenhouse, is great way to help plants grow and protect them from outside unfriendly conditions. You can either build the greenhouse yourself, or buy a kit, like many other do.

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person and chose to build the greenhouse from scratch, here is what you need: staple gun, 2x4s, clear plastic tarp, clear tape and the steps you need to follow.

Step 1.

Nail the wooden 2x4s and create a frame.

Step 2.

Cut the tarp to cover all the sides of the frame except the bottom one, and staple them to the frame.

Step 3.

If the greenhouse is quite large, the next step would to making a door. If the greenhouse is rather small, cut he tarp on the top so that the trays can go in and keep it closed with tape.

Why a PVC Greenhouse?

It will trap the sun rays inside, where they transform into thermal energy. Inside the climate will be warm and humid, perfect for plants to develop.

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