Cleaning the dryer vent

Maintenance is very important when we’re talking about dryer vents. Over time they can get clogged with lint and debris and can become inefficient.


You can always buy brushes to help you clean the dryer vent, but they can only be used when you have a short vent.

To use it correctly, you’ll need to remove the vent hose from the dryer. Then you push the brush through the vent hose until you’ve cleaned all the lint.


Most of the times, the dryer vent is too long to use a brush. This is when you must use a vacuum cleaner. You will need an extension for it so you can work deep. You may need to work on both ends to clean the entire vent. Inspect the hose to be sure you’ve removed the lint. Also be sure that the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner is empty.

Outside vent

If the dryer vent is working properly, than maybe the outside vent is clogged. To clean it, you will need to remove the vent hose from the dryer, then remove the exterior cover. Now you should be able to clean it. You can do a lot of the cleaning by hand. Remember to screw the exterior cover back in.


Sometimes the vents are clear but the problem is with the dryer. Check it to see if there are any debris left. Check the dryer hose from the back, because this is where the most lint is accumulating. Unplug the dryer before you do any cleaning. Use the vacuum cleaner. You should do this once a few months to be sure the machine is working effectively.

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