Construction a backyard greenhouse

If you want to help your plants grow and protect them from frosts, a backyard greenhouse is the solution. You can either build one yourself, or buy a greenhouse kit. People often choose the last option, because it’s easier to construct it.

Nonetheless, if you are more of a do-it-yourself-er, gather these materials: staple gun, clear tape, 2×4’s and a clear plastic tap, follow these 3 steps and you’ll build yourself a greenhouse.

First, using the 2×4’s, build a frame. If the staples are not long enough, nail them together.

Secondly, cut the plastic tarp, and except the bottom, cover all sides of the box, and staple it to the frame.

The last step consists on making an entrance. If the greenhouse is large, make a door. If not, cut the top tarp, make an opening large enough for the trays to go in, and keep it closed with tape.

Advantages a Backyard Greenhouse

The backyard greenhouse, like any other greenhouse, will help your plants grown in a safe, ward humid climate, by trapping inside the rays coming from the sun.

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