Contractor costs

If you’ve decided to build a garage addition, there are a few things that you need to have in mind. If have handyman skills then it should be easy for you to make the construction.

Garage size

You should plan your garage carefully.

It should have a proportional size to your home, otherwise it will add a bad look to your home. You may consider building the garage on the back of the house if you need a big one. Also you need to consider the space that you have for the building.

Estimating costs

The costs can be determined only after you have decided on the size of the garage. Also it depends if you will do it all by yourself or hire a contractor and architect. Materials can also be priced only after you make the plan. Acquiring plans and permits can also be a little expensive.


Before you hire a contractor, you should think about the things that you can do by yourself. For example, you can build the foundation, driveway, floors, paint the garage. Then you can talk with a contractor and tell him about the work that you need him to do.


For plans you can either hire an architect or do them by yourself. You can also hire a contractor that will get all the job done. He will talk to the subcontractors and also will estimate a possible budget.


After the budget is set, you can decide whether or not to hire a contractor to build your addition. Ask for the costs.

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