Disadvantages of wooden spiral staircases

Metal and wood staircases are both great for your home, but there are things that are especially great in one of them. Modern homes are using more and more metal staircases. Spiral staircases are great if you have a small space for stairs and also if you want to add elegance to your home.

Consider both types before you prepare for the installation.

Advantages of metal spiral staircases

Durability and long life span are the greatest advantages with metal spiral staircases. They can be made from any type of metal. The most popular ones are made from stainless steel and aluminum. You cannot damage metal staircases very easy. They will resist great stress along the years. Because metal staircases are so durable, they are great for areas where there are major earthquakes. The designs are almost limitless. If you want a more decorative staircase, then metal should be one of your choices.

Disadvantages of metal spiral staircases

Because they are so great, metal staircases usually cost more than wooden varieties. Because of the great durability and of the design palette you can find them quite expensive. Another disadvantage is that if made from iron or bronze, metal staircases may change color in time. You can wax and coat them with patina to preserve their appearance.

Advantages of wooden spiral staircases

Wooden staircases are more affordable then metal ones. This means that the owners can conceive whatever design they like with the less money spent. Wood also give a more comfortable and warm look to your home. It is more welcoming then metal. Also the wooden stairs will produce less noise than metal ones.

Disadvantages of wooden staircases

Durability is a thing you should consider with wood staircases. They are less resistant then metal staircases. They can be easily damaged by high humidity and by extreme temperatures. Wood also needs to be treated for pests. Also the stairs may be less expensive, but installing a wooden spiral staircase will cost you more than installing a metal staircase.

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