Drill bit

These bits can be found in a large number of different styles, designs and materials. Although they are Bosch bits, they are also suitable for other drills.

Bit’s Sets

These sets contain bits of different sizes, so you can find what you need for any kind of project.

In many of the sets there are bits used very frequently, but others include bits which are rarely used like augers, bore bits and more like these. You don’t have to buy such bits, but they are good in case of an odd project that you have to accomplish.

Bit’s Materials

Bits produced  by Bosch are found in more than one material. For projects that involve glass or porcelain, the best choice are the diamond bits. In the opposite case, jobs with heavy materials like metals and stones can be solved with carbide and black oxide bits.

Models of bits

There is a big number of bits produced by Bosch and they can be used for almost any project. For example, auger bits are very useful in drilling holes; rotary drills have hammer bits to work with, and there are also countersink bits, step bits, etc. It doesn’t matter which bit you choose, the size can be found for any need and type of drill.

Places to buy bits

Having such a powerful brand, Bosch products can be found in almost any home improvement and hardware stores. If there are situations in which you need a special kind of bit, you can order it online from the Bosch website.

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