For any job around the house, DeWalt 14.4 drill offers a strong durability and reliability for any user. To work easier without keeping the drill plugged in, you will need a charger.

Among all cordless drills on the market, the DeWalt 14.4 drill is one of the most powerful.

Drill’s Extras and Components

Having a compact size, the drill allows you to use it even in hard to reach areas. It has only 4.7 pounds, so this is in the benefit of the user. The motor offers a high power to the drill, so you will get good performance from it.  This performance is delivered through a dual speed motor which goes around 0-400 to 0-1400 RPM’s. In order to get a tighter grip on the bit, a single key-less sleeve ratcheting chuck of 1/2 –inch long is installed on the drill. Along with the drill, the user receives a double ended screwdriver bit, which allows you to use it for any kind of job, a flat head and a Philips head. Also a two battery pack is offered, giving the possibility to use one until is discharged and then switch it with the other.

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