Earthquakes caused by solar flares

Solar flares are very dangerous because they can be powerful enough to affect the gravity waves and the Earth’s tectonic system, through gamma radiation. These can harm even the human bio system, causing cancer and severe weather changes that have a negative influence on the human body. There were some solar flares until now that made a lot of damage to the Earth and to us.

They are basically the reason for Earthquakes because of the disruption of the natural electromagnetic distribution of the planet.

After many studies, scientists have discovered that a huge solar flare could happen in the future and it will be so powerful that 2 billion people could die. This scenario is very drastic. The solar flare can cause seismic activity or cook you alive, which could mean the end of life on earth. These scientists are not people you would want to speak in the mass media because this will surely cause panic. In the future, maybe over 10 billion years from now the Earth will be cooked by the sun because of its age. That will not be a pretty day for the Earthlings.

If you wonder how to protect your family against such powerful solar flares, you will be amazed of the solutions you can find. The answers come from NASA which has done a lot of studies to discover new ways of protection for astronauts. We can’t forget about our atmosphere which is strong enough to protect the Earth, but as NASA shows there are ways to do better. Different ways of protection refer to the usage of dense materials like titanium or lead on the roof or a water tank that can block the solar radiation. For example you can put your swimming pool on the roof or even better build a water collection device for rain that can stay on the roof and protect you from now on. It can even be used for growing plants that can be a solution for the pollution issues.

Another way to protect your house is with a nano carbon material sheet because of its density and the power to block the gamma radiations. This sheet must be bend over the bed and you and your family need to sleep in for protection during the sunlight period. Solutions like these can save all of you from skin cancer and other health problems because of some solar flares. You should start thinking about ways to protect your family from solar flares when you are home because this can happen someday.

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