Electric fences

A fence is useful because it can keep you and your property safe. You can choose the material from many options like wood, metal, vinyl but the most important thing is to choose something that you like. You have to be careful at the size and type of the fence because people can jump over it and this means that your job was for nothing.

The function

You don’t have to think of a fence as a dividing line only, because it can be much more. Fences are used even for animals or children to keep them safe. Fences can be used to keep persons out from a private place or to keep persons away from a dangerous area. Some may be used only for decoration but because they are still a barrier, people call them fences.

The benefits

A fence that is tall enough can help you in keeping your business private in the yard, without the rest of your neighbors to see. This happens in the city but if you live in the country, you can keep your livestock safe and on your own property. For this kind of job the fence should be electric or barbed wire, depending which one you prefer.

The type

If you choose wooden fences, you have to decide upon a picket fence or a privacy. Usually, a picket fence helps you divide your territory from others and a privacy is used against curious persons. Steel fences are also called cyclone fences. This type of fences are made of steel wire and they are stronger than a fence made of wood, but not so private. Another great option that seems a lot like wood fences are vinyl fences which has the same durability but it can last for much more. Maintenance is practically zero but it has a price which is double than the price of a wood fence. If none of these is good for you, you can try barbed wire. This type of fence is not so great because it’s old fashioned and was designed just for keeping livestock in a single place. Another choice for you can be electric fence, visible or invisible. The visible one is for keeping livestock in a special area and the invisible one is for cats and dogs to stay in a certain area. This type of invisible fence works based on electric shocks applied to the animals through a collar. This way some strict boundaries are set for the animal.

The geography

The fence you want to buy depends very much on the area you want to cover because it can be tall, short, large or small. Those fences that surround all your ranch can be either barbed wire or electric. Another option can be cyclone fence but there are some types like wooden or vinyl fences, which are very expensive for such large areas. If you have just a small yard, you can use a cyclone fence, a wood fence, a vinyl fence or even wrought iron.

The misconceptions

Fences can’t be 100% effective because there can be animals or persons that in the end find a way to enter into your yard. Also, privacy fencing can block someone to look but there is always the option of looking over the fence. In case of barbed wire and electric fences, things can go wrong because of some damages or a rain which can leave the animals free. Keeping the animals inside can be true only if the fence is properly repaired.

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