Electricity costs for fireplace

When you consider building a fireplace, the first thing that comes in mind is which is the most efficient type of fireplace. Although there are many things to consider, efficiency is an important factor. Wood fireplaces are usually more efficient but this doesn’t apply to all homes.

Cost savings

Costs needed for running the stove are more important than the initial purchasing costs, but there is quite a big difference between the two.

An electric fireplace can cost up to $200, and a wood stove up to $400, not to mention the costs needed to the chimney installation.

Price of fuel

Although an electric fireplace is cheaper than a wood one, the electric one has a bigger impact on the fuel costs, meaning that it will be a drag on the electricity bill. A wood fireplace doesn’t need special wood, any type of wood would be great. You can even find wood from storms, gathered from the land. You do not need to buy wood every time you need some.

A cord of wood can cost up to $100, but it will last a heating season. Compare the costs and find the more appropriate fireplace for you.

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