Energu effective greenhouse

Greenhouses have a double role. They act like a shell for the plants by protecting them from the outside extreme weather, and as a dome, providing a warm, humid climate, ideal for plants to grow. This article is about constructing an energy effective greenhouse.


This aspect depends on the location of the future greenhouse, what you want to grow in it and on the amount of money you want to spend on the project. The bigger the greenhouse, the greater the cost.


You have two options: concrete or wooden foundation. No matter the material of the foundation, make sure the structure of the greenhouse is secured into the ground.

The floor

You have multiple options. If you opted for concrete foundation,the same option goes for the floor. Other possibilities are decorative rocks, bricks or bear ground. Keep in mind that the floor must me porous.


2 feet high walls attached to the rest of framework by a covering.


Again, multiple options. You can choose between glass – the most popular and expensive choice, plastic sheets -not very resistant or fiberglass, that is good in warmer areas.


This aspect is a must in both situations : cold or warm areas. Heating systems will keep a warm climate inside the greenhouse during the cold season, and swamp coolers can be used to cool the air in warm climates.

Beside the things mentioned above, you must make sure that you have a good air circulation, ventilation, humidity and pest control, so that your plants can thrive. Connect the greenhouse to the electric and water network. After doing so, buy water resisting electric outlets and insulate the water pipelines so that is doesn’t freeze. You might also need benches and tables on which to put plants or tools.

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