Fiberglass filters

Air conditioner filters are one of the most important component of the entire system. The filter cleans the air from dust, allergens and pollutants. To keep the entire system working properly, you need to maintain the filter as clean as possible.

This means a monthly checkup.

A dirty filters not only that leads to higher costs but also shortens the life of the unit. So the heating and the cooling will be affected and you may need to do some serious repairs.

It’s very important to change the filter at least once a couple of months, especially if the system is working 24/7. So keeping the filter clean will keep the system good and also avoid respiratory problems for your family members.

It depends on the brand of the filter how quickly does it get dirty and clogged with dust.

You can rate the air conditioner filters through the MERV rating – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the better the filter is. You can find many types of filters, and some of the most common are:

  • fiberglass disposal filters – these are the most common filters used in air conditioning systems. They are also used in small industrial and commercial buildings. They are for single use only and will need to be replaced monthly. They aren’t as effective as other types of filters, but they are the cheapest.
  • pleated fiberglass disposable filters – You can find them in two measures, 1″ and 2″. The 1″ filters are used in many residential and commercial settings. The materials that the filter is made of can vary in effectiveness. They are more efficient because the densely woven material. You need to find out if the air conditioning system can support this kind of filters.
  • electrostatic filters – they come in a wide variety. They are great for people who have allergies. The air moving through the filter creates a static charge that collects the dust and the micro particles.
  • electronic filters – these filters are connected to a power source and are mounted on a wall. They have a pre-filter that can collect larger particles and they need to be cleaned once every 6 months.
  • carbon filters – these filters are great for odor problems. They are great for those who have pets.


You will need to place the filter in the correct direction. You will see an arrow indicating the direction. This will allow the filter to work properly.

It’s important that the air filter should fit tightly. A perfect seal is necessary. Buy efficient filters because they will do a better job, even though they are more expensive.

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