Fireplace mantel decorating

Fireplaces are the center piece of any home. It’s important that your fireplace should be unique and elegant. You can also use the fireplace mantel to hold your family photos.

Decorating your fireplace mantel should be an easy and enjoying process. The things that you will be putting on the fireplace need to be of great importance for you, as the fireplace mantel will be turning some heads.

One simple decoration technique is to place some special objects on the mantel shelf. Other may choose make some decorative changes to their mantels. Here are a few tips for decorating your fireplace.

The first rule for decoration is that you will need to keep the same proportions of the fireplace. This means that if the fireplace is smaller than standard fireplaces, then yo should use smaller decorations. You can use decorative bricks, stones or tiles. They will make the fireplace look bigger. This is a simple trick to improve the appearance of your mantel.

Sentimental objects are those that are surely to be put on the mantel shelf. Wedding photos or family pictures are very popular on top of mantels . Do not worry if you do not have pictures with the same size, or the same frame. These differences add to the appearance of the mantel piece.

You can also use more decorative objects like candles. Place them on the mantel, and try to find some that have different sizes.

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