Fireplace manterials

Mantel plans will guide you through the process of building your own fireplace mantel. You can try and build the mantel by yourself, or you could call a contractor and have him build it for you. You can also call one to ask for advice.

The purpose of the plan is to put on paper your ideas about the mantel piece. This means making some measurements, thinking about the materials and also about the design. You can also right some instructions and the order of the mantel assembly.

Call your contractor and meet him in person. Tell him your ideas about the mantel. Specify the materials that you want to be used, and the position of the fireplace. The materials can vary from wood to stone.

Now you will have to talk about the design. Tell him about the pillars, if you want any. Also talk about the mantel shelf size. These aspects are important as they will tell you what size you need the mantel to be.

After you have talked about all of these things, the contractor will give you the finished fireplace mantel. You can’t always get what you want, mainly because the fireplace still needs to be functional. But the important thing is that the mantel will look exactly as you want.

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