Although homeowners are using more modern approaches for fireplaces, they still like the look provided by more rustic and classic models.

They can do this by using cast iron fireplace inserts withing classic models. You can use the inserts if the area where the wood was burning has been damaged beyond repair.

You can also use the inserts if you have a classic fireplace, but do not have the time to maintain it. With the inserts you will not need to clean any ash after using it. They remove the cleaning process and the wood is replace by electricity or gas.

Cast iron inserts can be custom made to fit any fireplace. You will need to connect it to the gas line or to an electric outlet. Usually they are designed with a cast iron surround decorated with dark black matte finish. They can cost you between $250 and $500.

Cast iron inserts will help you add a unique and classic design to your old fireplace. It will help you convert it. They are very easy to install. If you think that you cannot do the job, then you can call a professional and for $40-50 you can have the confidence that the job is done correctly.

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