Flames free fireplace

Vent free fireplaces have appeared so that any homeowner could have a fireplace even without a chimney. These are even more efficient than normal fireplaces and it also has a more modern design.

They are powered by gel, natural gas or bottled one.

They use the fuel in a more efficient way than conventional fireplaces thus making them a perfect alternative.

There are 3 main types, the variation between them being the fuel source.

Gas fireplace

This type of fireplace is powered by propane or natural gas. It can be found in many shapes, sizes and designs. They can be expensive if you want them to be compact units. Gas fireplaces are great for a secondary heating source but they are the most expensive.

There are numerous dangers that come with these gas fireplaces. Because of the gas, there is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, physical sickness and also the danger or property damage. Always call a professional when installing a gas fireplace.

Gel fireplace

The designs, shapes and sizes are also in a large number. They’re operated by a gel substance that comes in a can. The nice thing about it is that it can imitate burned wood smell and also sounds. The costs are quite low with the gel and with the maintenance.

Electric fireplace

These fireplaces use electricity to produce heat. The main advantages is that they are mobile and compact and also they provide a nice visual appearance. They are very cheap and are more costly then gel fireplace but less then gas fireplaces. These units are great for persons that are afraid of flames.

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