Fungi dealing with fungi

Powdery mildew can affect a wide range of plants, including your vineyard or even fruit trees. The mildew can be recognized by their white to grey color and also by their powdery form. If you live in a warm and dry climate, you need to pay great attention to this powdery mildew as this is the best region for it to live.


Fungi is the cause for mildew forming. These fungi come in many forms. The ones that are affecting your vineyard are host-specific, as they are called, meaning that they rely on other organisms to grow.

Most people think that the main cause for mildew formations is high humidity, but the real factors are shaded places and warm temperatures. They tend to spread very quickly, especially if the temperatures are right. They feed on epidermal cells of the host.


The parts where they usually grow are the leaves. In the first phase they are more yellowish and then they grow into white-grey spores. Powdery mildew only affects the upper surfaces of the leaves.

Prevention and treatment

The treatment should be applied immediately as you discover the problem, but the best way to deal with mildew is to prevent it from forming.

When you start growing plants, choose a place where there is plenty of sunlight and also that the plants are well ventilated. Sunlight and proper ventilation are the worst enemies of fungi.

Also nitrogen helps fungi to grow, so try and use organic fertilizers that are low on nitrogen.

Immediately as you see leaves affected bu mildew, prune them off to prevent the mildew from spreading to other leaves or even plants. If the plant it severely affected, you should destroy it. Disinfect the place with some bleach solution.

Also a good way to prevent helping the mildew from forming is to water the plants in the morning to let it dry off during the day.

When combating mildew, use organic sprays like spray sulfurs. Use garlic as it contains natural sulfurs. Crash the garlic and put it in water and make a solution. Spray it on the affected plants.

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