Greenhouse climate mistakes to avoid

A good greenhouse climate is the result of a good ventilation, good shading and misting. These are the three elements that will be discussed in this article.  An error in adjusting it can lead to the death of the plants.

So, avoid the common mistakes by encouraging humidity, generating air flow and protecting the plants from the sun. To do so, use greenhouse heaters and fans.

Improper Ventilation

A proper working greenhouse requires a good air circulation. If there isn’t any or done improperly, the plants will slowly, but surely die. There are ways of making sure the air circulates inside the greenhouse. The first option would be installation of manual side vents, but that means you’ll have to open and close them depending on the weather conditions. A better and yet a more expensive solution is the a thermostatically controlled venting system. The thermostat, which will be set at a certain temperature, will open the vents and a fan will will expel the hot air out.

The speed of the fan can be adjusted depending on the season. The mechanism presented above can be either bought as a whole or made from pieces.

Not enough sun protection

As everyone knows, greenhouses are made to let sun rays in in order for the plants to develop. Nonetheless, too much sun will harm the plants, therefore some shading is required, but not too much, because over-shading is also detrimental. A proper shading system requires the covering of the roof and and the top half of the south-sided walls. Also be aware of the greenhouses facing west; the sun may scorch the plants. The system will be in place starting from the late morning until 4 p.m. or longer if you are in the middle of summer.

Keep in mind that too much shading will also harm the plants. The right amount of shading is the sum of three variables: what you grow, what’s the greenhouse made of and where is it placed.

Improper Moisture

Another common mistake gardeners make. The air circulation prevents the air from overheating, but the misting keeps the climate cool. If the air circulation is good and the mist is done properly, then the risk of overheating is kept to a minimum through the process of plant evaporation.

As mentioned before, these are the most important factors that influence the greenhouse climate. If you avoid the mistakes specified in this article, you’ll have an effective greenhouse climate.

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