Greenhouse coverings

Greenhouses are the shell of the plants that grow inside. Beside the fact that they protect the plants from the extreme weather conditions outside, they also provide a warm, humid climate for the plants to develop. This article is about constructing  an energy effective greenhouse, no matter if its a lean-on or stand alone one.

1. The size

It’s the first thing you think about when constructing a greenhouse. The size depends on what plants you want to grow in and the are you want it build. Of course, the cost influences the size: big-expensive,small-inexpensive.

2. Foundation

Plenty of options: wood, timber, concrete, cement, etc. The most important thing is not the foundation itself, but securing the greenhouse framework into the foundation.

3. Flooring

If you made  concrete foundation, then a concrete floor in ideal. You can also use bricks, rocks or nothing at all. If you choose not to do a floor, make a gravel path in the middle you won’t get your shoes dirty when the soil is wet. Whatever the flooring option, keep in mind that it has ti be porous.


Walls are generally two feet high. From there the covering will be attached to the rest of the framework. A little tip: in order to make the construction easier, the covering should be square.

5. The coverings

Again, plenty of options: glass – the most expensive one, plastic – the weakest, other rigid plastics or fiberglass. The latter has the advantage of less cooling required in warm climates.


It has a great importance in keeping the greenhouse functioning well. Use a heating system during winter and swamp cooler to cool the climate inside the greenhouse if you live in a warm area.

Beside the factors mentioned above, there are some that should be present in any greenhouse: air circulation, humidity and pest control. You also need water and electricity inside the greenhouse, so make you use water resistant electric outlets and that you insulate the pipeline so that the water doesn’t freeze. You might want to use tables or benches to place the plants, and designate a place for tools and fertilizers.

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