Heat zone

Greenhouse owners should know that not all greenhouse plants are the same. They differ, because not all plants share the same living  climate. Therefore, in order to decide what climate your greenhouse will have, look for the plants you want to grow in.

Before you begin your search, keep in mind one thing. Plants have a heat limit, so look for plants that are in the same heat zone, so they can grow easily in the climate you’ll set in the greenhouse.

Keeping in mind that you must find the right plants that grow in the same temperature, there are two ground rules you must take into account. First, the temperature in the greenhouse at night should be at a minimum 50° F. Secondly, ventilate the greenhouse during the day, so that you’ll prevent overheating from the sun.

Protect the plants inside the greenhouse

Plant are sensitive and react easily to temperature change. There are times when due to solar radiation, the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches 100°F, which the plants can not take. That’s is why it is advisable to have a summer configuration, so that the excess heat can dissipate.

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