Heavy duty vinyl lattice

Lattice panels are perfect for outdoor projects because they offer in the same time privacy and natural light. There are a lot of fun ways in which lattice panels can be used.

For deck skirting

This deck skirting allows the user to cover the area under a deck with panels while the moisture can freely escape.

This area under the deck can even be used as storage if the skirting gets a gate installed.

For patio enclosures

For those who have in plan to create a patio setting, the lattice panels can be the right solution because they are cheap and can be used in creative ways. Lattice panels can be used either for a single wall or for the entire patio. The final design will give people the possibility to have an outdoor feel, without the other neighbors to mess in their business.

Building a wall for climbing flowers

Most of the people like to have climbing plants in their yard but without covering their entire house. With the help of some lattice panels, these plants can be kept away from the house walls and still enjoy their beauty in your garden. Another great advantage of the lattice is that the vines can be trimmed easily when the time comes.

For pool and spa enclosures

Because of the fact that lattice can offer a high degree of privacy, they are often used in pool or spa enclosures. Retailers of spa and pool enclosures use lattice panels in the showrooms just because they are popular in these kind of locations.

For window screens

Being very easy to install, lattice panels are often used as a screening form for different sun room windows. Because nobody uses these lattice panels during the winter, they will be put up in the sun rooms windows. Some people like to admire landscapes all year round, while others prefer only the warm months and for this reason the lattice can give a better feeling during the off months.

For gazebos and arbors

Even if lattice can look nice on any structure, they are mostly used for small structures. For a gazebo, the lattice panels can offer a great view of the land while in the same time a screened in feel can be created. In the case of arbors, they will have light and air all the time if lattice panels are used for the roof part of the building.

For pet enclosures

Although lattice can be found in a large variety of materials, recently has been introduced on the market the heavy duty vinyl lattice. Being sturdy enough to resist to a pet abuse and also very easy to clean, the vinyl lattice has started to be used more and more for dog runs. Besides all these, an eyesore will not be created like in the case of standard wood or metal fence. The buyers can even choose from a big variety of sizes and colors.

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