Home security systems

There are smoke detectors that can be interfaced with your security system. If the ones you currently have don’t allow this connection, they are either electrical or battery operated. In case you choose to have detectors that can be interfaced with the security system, let the old ones in place, because they can still do their job.

Homeowners choose to place the detectors in the basement and top floor, but it should be placed in the highest point of the house, because smoke will rise no  matter the place of origin.

Smoke detectors work on “photoelectric technology”, which means that the device takes a snapshot of the density of smoke and look for an increase every few milliseconds.

Some smoke detectors have heat detectors incorporated and will go into alarm condition if the temperature in the room rises rapidly even though there is no smoke. Independent heat detectors are also available, if you want more protection in the kitchen or furnace rooms.

Here are some advantages of adding fire devices to the security system.

  • Even if the alarm is disarmed, the detectors are on.
  • The detectors use the power of the security system to work and will go on their backup energy if power should fail.
  • The siren emits a different tone then the burglary one.
  • You don’t have to call the authorities, the system will do that for you, so you’ll have more time to gather your family.
  • The system will dispatch even when you’re not home.
  • Insurance companies give discounts for having such devices.

Unfortunately, there are municipalities that won’t dispatch to an automatic fire alarm unless it is designed for the local code. This is an expensive endeavor that businesses will have to care of, to get an occupancy permit. Nonetheless, ask the local fire authority so that you won’t invest in something that won’t help you as much.

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