How to convert a garage

If you bought yourself a new car and you don’t have a place to park it, maybe it’s time to transform your your single garage into a double one. The solution to your problem is a car lift. These machines can handle up to 12.
000 pounds (5.400 kilos) and they come in 4 different sizes: tall wide, tall narrow, short wide and short narrow.

A typical car lift is made up by a large platform that can be lifted and lowered according to the user. For it to move, the system uses chains. Not only that it can move vertically, but it also has a vertical motion of maximum 180 degrees. The driver can easily get down of the car, even when it’s lifted.

The principle advantage is that you can park more than one car in a limited space. The only disadvantage is that you can’t use the system for tall cars.

Choosing and Equipping Your Garage with a Car Lift

First of all you will need to choose a size for the car lift. This should fit inside your garage. This means that it has to have a high ceiling. This is the best choice that you have and the most efficient one. Measure with great care the available space in your garage and see what fits best.

Parking the Car on the Lift and Hoisting it Up

This is the easiest part. If you want to park both cars in the garage, drive the first car in on the platform. Then hoist it up, and just lift it. It’s very easy.

Parking the second car

Now you don’t have nothing to do but drive in the second car, under the first one.

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