How to pay less on energy

Many of us are amazed of the power consumption that a house can have, and of course of the costs from the energy bill. This may be a big problem, but think about the way our lifes have evolved. We are so dependent on electricity, that it can be very hard to just cut the costs and save more energy.

But any saving is good. So what if you could save 10% of the energy every month? Over the year, you will see the costs. One way you can cut costs is by dealing with phantom power. This is the power that electrical appliances continue to use even when they are powered off – if they are still connected to a power source of course.

1. Make one of your rooms the charging center. This is where you will be charging all of your players, cell phones, etc.

2. Use a multi-outlet surge protector that has a switch for on/off.

3. Use only this outlet to charge the appliances.

4. When you’re not charging anything, you can just power off the outlet, and this way you avoid using any more power.

5. For TVs, DVD-players and home systems, you can use a timer that shuts down the power from a certain outlet automatically.

Use an outlet to connect it to the timer, and plug-in all the systems and appliances. Set the times to a certain night hour, and then just relax. This way, all night your appliances won’t use any energy.

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